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No more... the more I learn to love me the more I realize how vital it is to NEVER EVER SHRINK TO MAKE OTHERS MORE COMFORTABLE


Health Coaching - How can I help You!

I LOVE working 1:1 with people from my tribe! I use my experiences from my 2 year plus Keto-Journey, as well as my nursing and nutrition background, to customize a plan to assist you in achieving your goals. I will work with you to build life long healthy habits, and form realistic patterns that will keep you on the road to success. I also can help with encouragement, support, troubleshooting, whatever you need!

Pick a plan and lets GET STARTED!!!!

Comprehensive Monthly Coaching:

  • weekly face to face call (or phone if preferred)
  • completely personalized meal plan
  • grocery shopping lists
  • written information to help you on your journey.
  • FREE copy of My Southern Keto Kitchen CookBook (if needed)
  • ability to text me or email at any time during business hours with questions!!


60 Minute Collaboration Call:

  • One face to face call (or phone if preferred)
  • Collaboration on Meal Planning
  • Collaboration on Weekly Agendas & Grocery Lists
  • Answers to any specific questions you have about your weightless journey
  • assistance in troubleshooting stalls or issues!
  • this call can be split into (2) 30 minutes call in the same week (if needed)


30 Minute Quick start Call:

  • One face to face call (or phone if preferred)
  • In this call you could ask any specific questions and I could help you troubleshoot!
  • sometimes people really just needed some encouragement or affirmation!


email me to set up your appointment

Coaching services are not sold through this site, please email me directly:

[email protected]

DISCLAIMER: All coaching services are provided by Yaman Digital Media, LLC. Our consultant is acting as a lifestyle coach and not a medical professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, diet, or weight-loss.

About Me

Hey ya'll, hey! My name is Erika Yaman. I have lost over 100 pounds on my Keto journey. I am a wife, a mama to three crazy teens, and an adorable little Labradoodle. As a nurse, and as a southern Mama, helping others quite literally feeds my soul. I have a passion for cooking, creating new recipes, and just plain feeding people really good food. I also love to work with people on a 1:1 basis in a coaching capacity! My goal is to not only nourish your body, but your soul, leaving you and yours feeling happily nourished and well fed!

Body Positivity

A word I wasn’t ever sure I could say was one of my attributes- but the more I learn self love the more I feel positive about my body. This is a huge breakthrough for me- I can love my body where it is while still wanting to work on it. I don’t have to have the ultimate perfect body before I can be happy... feel positive... post a picture I don’t feel super confident in- but the ability to put it out there anyways...
I hope if I can do this- work towards this- that it will encourage you to love yourself NOW and find positivism in your current body!